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Hus-Tsan Group

HusTsan Group

Hus-Tsan is the leading manufacturer / designer in Taiwan in the RF/Microwave connectors and cable assembly industry. For over 10 years they deliver interconnected solutions for customer and are still driven by advanced technology to improve design and quality.

Hus-Tsan design and produce a wide range of RF/Microwave connectors up to 60GHz. The products include BNC, TNC, FME, N, SMA, SMB, SMC, SMP, MCX, MMCX, 1.6/5.6, 1.0/2.3, SSMA, SSMB, SSMC etc and a series of adapters and reverse polarity for the applications with different frequencies.  All customer requirements are welcome for design and manufacture of RF/Microwave connectors and cable assemblies.

Hus-Tsan spends a significant amount of time for Research & Development each year to enable to refine and expand their product range to meet and exceed customer's expectations.

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Please click here to browse through our product categories.  If you are looking for a part that does not appear in our stock list, please enquire here, (or call +64 9 443 9500) we probably have it in the pipeline.

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