Thursday, July 29, 2021

DEGSON New Product Release

DEGSON New Product Release

15SEDGKN-3.5/3.81...1 000AH

  • User-friendly design which provides lower stress;
  • Big buttons with "+/-" slot design for easy operation;
  • Compact design - height as low as 7.80mm;
  • Maximum wire capacity upgrades from 1.0mm2 to 1.5mm2;
  • Maximum current upgrade from 8A to 10A


  • Compact structure with double rows with a height of 13.25mm;
  • Fast wiring with PUSH-IN connection technology.
  • 3 options are available: standard type, flange type and rotating lock type;
  • Misplug-proof function is available;
  • Max. wire range: 1.5mm2.


  • Compact structure with double rows with a height of 10.80mm only;
  • THR soldering is available with heat resistant material;
  • Straight pin type, bending pin type, flange type and standard types are available for selection.


  • Tool-free fast connection with push-in spring cage technology;
  • Wiring direction:90°;
  • MAX.wire range : 1.5mm2.


  • Screws update from M2.5 to M3;
  • Safety distance increased, clamping structure improved;
  • Appearance updated.

2EDGKDF-5.0 ... 500AH

  • PUSH-IN connection technology for fast wiring;
  • Excellent shockproof performance with butterfly-spring structure;
  • The length of 00AH is changed from N*5.0+0.7 to N*5.0;
  • It can be matched and used with FMET series product;
  • Max.wire range:2.5 mm2.


  • Firm wiring with the screw locking structure;
  • Made with pluggable connection technology for good maintainability;
  • Widely applied in the surge protective device and safety barrier;
  • Max. wire range: 2.5mm2


•    Compact splicing connector;
•    With operating levers.