Thursday, June 16, 2022



DEGSON’s range of Screw Type and Push-In Type DIN Rail Terminal Blocks are currently in stock at our Auckland warehouse. Please contact us for a full price list. If you wish to discuss your requirements or view samples, we have an expert team available to help.

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DC Screw Type DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

Using DC screw connection technology, the screw type locking mechanism offers a reliable connection with good torque and shock resistance. High precision copper alloy conductors provide the lowest temperature rise, ensuring that the connection is reliable and safe. PA66 material plastic parts can meet working environment temperature ranges of -40°C to 105°C. All DC series DIN Rail products are made from UL94 V0 flame retardant grade material.

Other features include:

  • Double channel for bridging, allowing circuit connection testing to be more flexible.
  • Cage accessory to prevent mis-inserting.
  • Unique pluggable jumper, high-circuit connection efficiency.
  • Optional marker to avoid wire mis-inserting.

DS Push In Type DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

The unique production process of the DS push-in series ensures excellent resilience and vibration resistance. A reliable and safe connection is guaranteed through high-precision copper alloy conductors, providing the lowest temperature rise. PA66 material plastic parts can meet working environment temperature ranges of -40°C to 105°C, and all DS series products are made using flame retardant materials. The push-in structure with a stainless steel spring greatly improves the efficiency of the connection. With this design, solid or standard wires can be inserted directly without tools.

Other features include:

  • Tool free operation.
  • With release buttons, a slotted screwdriver or Philip's screwdriver can release the wire.
  • Double channel bridge, easy to realise point allocation.
  • Unique pluggable jumper, high circuit connection efficiency.
  • Can be matched with large area market, neat wiring.
  • Equipped with test holes for easy test circuit.

Please get in contact for more information on our current stock of DEGSON DIN Rail Products.