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K5-00A(H) H62 H/2 T=0.6mm Terminal TabK5-00A(H) H62 H/2 T=0.6mm Terminal TabK5-00A(H)6/11/2024
K12-00A(H) 6.3mm Vertical PCB TerminalK12-00A(H) 6.3mm Vertical PCB TerminalK12-00A(H)15,000
K27-00A(H) 6.3mm Horizontal PCB TerminalK27-00A(H) 6.3mm Horizontal PCB TerminalK27-00A(H)1,000
K9-00A(H) 4.8mm Vertical PCB TerminalK9-00A(H) 4.8mm Vertical PCB TerminalK9-00A(H)6/11/2024
ET1.0-8RD 1.0mm INS 8mm Bootlace RedET1.0-8RD 1.0mm INS 8mm Bootlace RedET1.0-8RD2,000
ET0.5-8WE 0.5mm INS 8mm Bootlace WhiteET0.5-8WE 0.5mm INS 8mm Bootlace WhiteET0.5-8WE2,000
ET0.75-8BE 0.75mm INS 8mm Bootlace BlueET0.75-8BE 0.75mm INS 8mm Bootlace BlueET0.75-8BE2,000
ET1.5-8BK 1.5mm INS 8mm Bootlace BlackET1.5-8BK 1.5mm INS 8mm Bootlace BlackET1.5-8BK2,000

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