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DIN Rail Mount
DIN rail terminal blocks are electrical connectors that mount onto DIN rails, which are standardised metal rails widely used for mounting industrial control equipment inside equipment racks. These terminal blocks are designed to securely hold and organise multiple wires, facilitating safe and efficient electrical connections.

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WS2.5-DIN35-01P-11-00AH 1 way Din Rail GreyWS2.5-DIN35-01P-11-00AH 1 way Din Rail GreyWS2.5-DIN35-01P-11-00A(H)6/11/2024
WS2.5T-DIN35-01P-11-00AH 1 way Din Rail GreyWS2.5T-DIN35-01P-11-00AH 1 way Din Rail GreyWS2.5T-DIN35-01P-11-00A(H)6/11/2024
WS2.5T-DIN35-01P-12-00AH 1 way Din Rail BlueWS2.5T-DIN35-01P-12-00AH 1 way Din Rail BlueWS2.5T-DIN35-01P-12-00A(H)6/11/2024
D-WS2.5-MID-CO-01 1 way Din Rail Grey End CoverD-WS2.5-MID-CO-01 1 way Din Rail Grey End CoverD-WS2.5-MID-CO-01P-11-00A(H)6/11/2024
Non Printed Top Markers DS1.5 SeriesNon Printed Top Markers DS1.5 SeriesZS3.5-136P-19-00Z(H)20
Non Printed Top Markers DS2.5 SeriesNon Printed Top Markers DS2.5 SeriesZS5-96P-19-00Z(H)20
Non Printed Top Markers DS4 SeriesNon Printed Top Markers DS4 SeriesZS6-80P-19-00Z(H)20
Non Printed Top Markers DS6 SeriesNon Printed Top Markers DS6 SeriesZS8-56P-19-00Z(H)20
Non Printed Top Markers DS10/DS16 SeriesNon Printed Top Markers DS10/DS16 SeriesZS10-48P-19-00A(H)20
Non Printed Top Markers DS12 SeriesNon Printed Top Markers DS12 SeriesZS12-40P-19-00Z(H)20

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