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KP-2012QBC-D Blue 0805 2x1.25mm SMT LEDKP-2012QBC-D Blue 0805 2x1.25mm SMT LEDKP-2012QBC-D15/11/2024
L-934GD 3mm Green 20mcd @10mA 60'LEDL-934GD 3mm Green 20mcd @10mA 60'LEDL-934GD1,000
L-934ID 3mm Red High Bright LEDL-934ID 3mm Red High Bright LEDL-934ID10,000
L-934YD 3mm Yellow 15mcd @10mA 60'LEDL-934YD 3mm Yellow 15mcd @10mA 60'LEDL-934YD2,000
L-934GT 3mm Green High Bright LEDL-934GT 3mm Green High Bright LEDL-934GT25/10/2024
L-934LID 3mm Red Low Current LEDL-934LID 3mm Red Low Current LEDL-934LID15/11/2024
L-934VGC/E 3mm Green WC 2000mcd @20mA 50' LEDL-934VGC/E 3mm Green WC 2000mcd @20mA 50' LEDL-934VGC-E500
L-43GD-LA4.0 4mm Standard Green LEDL-43GD-LA4.0 4mm Standard Green LEDL-43GD-LA4.02,000
L-34GD-TNR2.54 3mm Green LED Tape and Reel 1500pcsL-34GD-TNR2.54 3mm Green LED Tape and Reel 1500pcsL-34GD-TNR2.5415/11/2024
L-53GD 5mm Green Diffused 20mcd @10mA 60' LEDL-53GD 5mm Green Diffused 20mcd @10mA 60' LEDL-53GD1,000

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