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DRPT-1C-LR-D24-02A(H) 12A 24V DC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-D24-02A(H) 12A 24V DC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-D24-02A(H)203
DRPS-1C-D12-06A(H) 6A 12V DC RelayDRPS-1C-D12-06A(H) 6A 12V DC RelayDRPS-1C-D12-06A(H)898
DRPS-1C-D24-06A(H) 6A 24V DC RelayDRPS-1C-D24-06A(H) 6A 24V DC RelayDRPS-1C-D24-06A(H)818
DRPS-1C-D48-06A(H) 6A 48V DC RelayDRPS-1C-D48-06A(H) 6A 48V DC RelayDRPS-1C-D48-06A(H)16/10/2024
DRPT-1C-LR-D12-02A(H) 12A 12V DC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-D12-02A(H) 12A 12V DC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-D12-02A(H)103
DRPT-1C-LR-D24-02A(H) 12A 24V DC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-D24-02A(H) 12A 24V DC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-D24-02A(H)761
DRPT-1C-LR-D48-02A(H) 12A 48V DC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-D48-02A(H) 12A 48V DC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-D48-02A(H)16/10/2024
DRPT-1C-LR-D110-02A(H) 12A 110V DC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-D110-02A(H) 12A 110V DC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-D110-02A(H)16/10/2024
DRPT-1C-LR-A24-02A(H) 12A 24V AC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-A24-02A(H) 12A 24V AC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-A24-02A(H)830
DRPT-1C-LR-A48-02A(H) 12A 48V AC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-A48-02A(H) 12A 48V AC RelayDRPT-1C-LR-A48-02A(H)16/10/2024

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