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Electronic connectors are essential components for creating electronic circuits. Active Components offers a comprehensive range of terminal blocks, wire-to-wire connectors, DIN rail mount terminal blocks, and other termination solutions that can meet your unique requirements.

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DG15HS-1.2-12 12 way 15.0 Terminal StripDG15HS-1.2-12 12 way 15.0 Terminal StripDG15HS-1.2-12P-17-100A(H)15/11/2024
WS2.5-DIN35-01P-11-00AH 1 way Din Rail GreyWS2.5-DIN35-01P-11-00AH 1 way Din Rail GreyWS2.5-DIN35-01P-11-00A(H)15/11/2024
WS2.5T-DIN35-01P-11-00AH 1 way Din Rail GreyWS2.5T-DIN35-01P-11-00AH 1 way Din Rail GreyWS2.5T-DIN35-01P-11-00A(H)15/11/2024
WS2.5T-DIN35-01P-12-00AH 1 way Din Rail BlueWS2.5T-DIN35-01P-12-00AH 1 way Din Rail BlueWS2.5T-DIN35-01P-12-00A(H)15/11/2024
D-WS2.5-MID-CO-01 1 way Din Rail Grey End CoverD-WS2.5-MID-CO-01 1 way Din Rail Grey End CoverD-WS2.5-MID-CO-01P-11-00A(H)15/11/2024
PS4-7.5-10P 10 way 7.5 Terminal BlockPS4-7.5-10P 10 way 7.5 Terminal BlockPS4-7.5-10P-14-00Z(H)15/11/2024
K5-00A(H) H62 H/2 T=0.6mm Terminal TabK5-00A(H) H62 H/2 T=0.6mm Terminal TabK5-00A(H)15/11/2024
2EDGRC-7.62-11 11 way 7.62 Horizontal Header2EDGRC-7.62-11 11 way 7.62 Horizontal Header2EDGRC-7.62-11P-14-100A(H)15/11/2024
15EDGVC-3.5-05 5 way 3.5 Vertical Header15EDGVC-3.5-05 5 way 3.5 Vertical Header15EDGVC-3.5-05P-14-00A(H)18/10/2024
15EDGVC-3.5-07 7 way 3.5 Vertical Header15EDGVC-3.5-07 7 way 3.5 Vertical Header15EDGVC-3.5-07P-14-00A(H)18/10/2024

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