Thursday, October 27, 2022

Active Custom Cable Solutions

Active Custom Cable Solutions

Active specialises in providing a comprehensive range of cable and wiring solutions. Our manufacturing partners have a wide range of capabilities ranging from basic crimp jobs to highly complex multicore cables with several terminations. We have been supplying custom cable and cable harness solutions to customers globally for over 35 years. We provide custom cable solutions into security, medical, vehicle management and agricultural sectors. With engineers on hand we can tailor a solution to suit your requirements, from simple looms to complex multi-core assemblies.

Connectors and Terminals

From the humble crimp terminal to complex 50 pin connectors, we have the termination you are looking for. Our comprehensive supply chain allows us to offer a vast variety of solutions to meet the demands of different applications.

Wire & Cable

We are able to meet any requirement for wire and cable you might have, from basic appliance wire to complex multicore cables and other specialist cables such as automotive and high-temperature cables. If you are looking for a custom cable with specific requirements or custom printing, we can help with that as well.


Over-moulding can be a great solution for improving your cable design. Over-moulding can be used to create a polished and professional-looking cable, while also adding mechanical qualities including strain relief, waterproofing, and even protection for internal components.


Active have access to a variety of labelling options. Anything from a simple label to a more complex labelling system, we can help.

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