Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Alpha Solder Solutions

Alpha Solder Solutions

Active and Macdermid Alpha have been partners for over 30 years, providing innovative solder solutions for challenging PCB applications throughout multiple industries in NZ and Australia. Products include solder wire, bar and paste, all of which are in stock now at our Albany warehouse.


ALPHA Telecore HF-850 is the fastest wetting and lowest spattering, Halogen Free and Halide Free cored wire offering from Alpha. It performs admirably when benchmarked against Halogen and Halide containing competitive products available in the market and is a viable option to meet environmental requirements.

Sample lengths are available for trial if required.


Alpha offers the industry's largest assortment of solid solder products, designed for use in wave, selective, dip and other molten soldering applications. Alpha's propriety manufacturing process consistently produces high purity electronics grade solder in a wide variety of alloys.

As well as the above stocked options, we also have 63/37 leaded solder bar in transit to our Auckland warehouse.


These market leading solder pastes are designed for applications requiring advanced electrochemcial and mechanical reliability, fine feature printability, enhanced post reflow yield, and many other features.


Monitoring the condition of solder used in a wave solder or selective soldering system is crucial as the solder can become contaminated with other metals. Active provide a service in which solder samples can be analysed spectrographically. Active will then email the test results which show the composition of the solder bath, including critical limits, so corrective actions can be taken when/if required. Please enquire here for more details.