Friday, November 26, 2021

ALPHA Solder Preforms

ALPHA Solder Preforms

ALPHA® Solder Preformsare used in industries ranging from PCB Assembly, stand-alone industrial applications, and high-end power semiconductor packages. The breadth of the product line includes fluxed and un-fluxed rectangles, washers, sleeves, and custom shapes for specific applications. An all-encompassing alloy portfolio includes standard assembly alloys, high-reliability alloys, and low melting point alloys. The use of tape and reel packaging offers ease of implementation into standard SMT manufacturing lines.

ALPHA® Solder Preformsoffer increased solder volume for joint reliability, reduced flux residue for improved electrical reliability, and void reduction under component thermal pads. The convenience of Tape & Reel packaging allows preforms to be implemented into standard SMT processes.

ALPHA Preform Technologies for PCB Assembly provide solutions for:


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