Thursday, July 29, 2021

Conquer Fuse

Conquer Fuse

Subminiature Fuse

Exceptional safety, when it really counts!

Conquer’s best-selling fuse made with high-frequency soldering technology, increasing fuse stability and reliability.

Power Fuse

Ultimate protection for high-voltage applications.

Conquer’s power fuses, with voltage ratings of up to 600V, offer optimal protection against overload and short-circuit events in high power AC/DC circuits.

Surface Mount Fuse -
LTCC Chip Fuse

An innovative cavity design delivers exceptional circuit protection.

Conquer’s patented hollow cavity design offers superb heat resistance and an extremely high interrupting rating, allowing it to withstand a high degree of inrush current.

Surface Mount Fuse - SMD

Exceptionally versatile, exceptionally safe!

Suitable for use in both AC and DC circuits, Conquer’s SMD fuses are available in a wide range of operating temperatures and current/voltage ratings, and include both fast-acting and time-lag models.

Axial Lead & Cartridge Fuse

Reliable overcurrent protection for a wide range of applications.

Conquer's highly versatile axial lead and cartridge fuses offer cost-effective and reliable overcurrent protection solutions, suitable for a wide range of applications across industries - from consumer electronics and telecommunications to home appliances and lighting.