Friday, September 16, 2022

Degson's Energy Storage Connectors

Degson's Energy Storage Connectors

Degson has recently launched 50A~350A series of high-protection energy storage connectors made for modular energy storage battery systems. The design conforms to the latest energy storage connector standard UL4128, which can provide safer, more reliable and faster connection for the energy storage industry. Featuring the same value-adding performance as market-leading brands, Degson's UL4128 certified connectors are an obvious choice, boasting a lower price point and short lead time (2-6 weeks).

About Energy Storage

Energy Storage Connectors and lithium batteries are the bridge between electricity generation and electricity usage, allowing renewable energy to be stored and used later. The most common mechanism is pumped energy storage, but other options include electromechanical energy storage, hydrogen energy storage, flywheel energy storage and more.

70A Energy Storage Connector
120A Energy Storage Connector
200A Energy Storage Connector
350A Energy Storage Connector

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