Friday, April 29, 2022

Figaro Gas Sensors

Figaro Gas Sensors

Figaro, based in Japan, was the world's first company to successfully commercialise metal oxide semiconductor-type gas sensors. Having supplied more than 400 million gas sensors of various types worldwide to date, Figaro is committed to contributing to safety, security, and enhanced quality of life.

Their customers include Panasonic, SHARP, MITSUBISHI, Google Nest and many more.

TGS 2600/2602/2603 applications include:

  • Air Cleaners.
  • Ventilation Control.
  • Air Quality Monitors.
  • VOC Monitors.
  • Odor Monitors.
  • Air Conditioner.

Datasheets here: TGS2600_2602_2603

TGS 4260 applications include:

  • Oxygen concentration monitors
  • Stationary O2 detectors
  • Portable O2 detectors

Datasheet here: TGS 4260

CDM7162 applications include:

  • Indoor air quality control
  • Fresh air ventilators

Datasheet here: CDM7162

FECS44 applications include:

  • Portable and fixed installation NH3 monitors
  • NH3 detectors
  • Ammonia leak detection in refrigerators

Datasheet here: FECS44