Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Hongfa Relays & Capacitors

Hongfa Relays & Capacitors

Among todays relay manufacturers, HONGFA is a standout. As well as relays, they specialise in medium and low voltage electrical appliances, high and low voltage complete equipment, connectors, capacitors, precision parts and automation equipment. With a strong capacity for R&D and innovation, HONGFA continues to be a market-leader and reliable source for components.

HONGFA believes that quality products are made from quality components, and that quality components rely on quality molds and dies.

Signal Relays

Hongfa HFD5 Signal Relay

HFD5 - Miniature 5th Generation Signal Relay

The HFD5 is the world's first 5th generation signal relay. With a low coil power of 50mW and coil (5V) operating current≤10mA, it can be directly driven by a microprocessor. Both SMT and DIP options are available. For more information, please see the datasheet by clicking on the image.

Hongfa HFD3-VI Signal Relay

HFD3-VI - Subminiature High Insulation Relay

This third generation signal relay has a high contact switching capacity of 10mA 1000VDC/1500VDC. SMT and DIP types are available to suit your requirements. Additionally, both single side stable and latching type are available. The HFD3-VI has an insulation resistance of 1000MΩ (500VDC). View the datasheet by clicking on the image to the left.

Power Capacitors

Hongfa HCAB Power Capacitor

HCAB - AC Filter Capacitor for PCB

The HCAB is applied in AC filter circuits. With a metallised polypropylene film structure and filled with resin, this capacitor shows excellent electrical performance. To find out more, please see the datasheet by clicking on the image.

Hongfa HCSA Power Capacitor

HCSA - Snubber Capacitor for IGBT (Axial-type)

The HCSA features metallised polypropylene film with an excellent self-healing property. This capacitor is wrapped with polyester adhesive tape, the ends being filled with flame retardant epoxy resin (UL94 V-0). Please click to see the datasheet for more information.