Monday, July 25, 2022

Mipot MiP Series

Mipot MiP Series

Mipot S.p.A announces the launch of  a new MiP (Mipot IoT Protocols) Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) wireless module series. The ultra-low power MiP series is extremely compact, about 1 cm², featuring LGA pattern technology, with high radio performance and built-in up-to-date IoT stacks.

Mipot new product release

The Product

The new MiP series provides flexibility to your IoT design and represents a complete solution for the current wireless communication market. Designed to be deployed globally, the modules support communications in frequency bands used in Europe, USA, South America, Africa, India, Australia and the Pacific Area. Some of this product's key features are listed below.

Key features of Mipot new MiP Series

High Radio Performance

The MiP series features cutting edge technology for radio chipset performance for Europe (+14 dBm) and USA (+20 dBm).

Multi protocols in one single chip

Customers can choose from different solutions and a mix of two or more protocols in one single MiP wireless module like : wM-Bus + LoRaWAN or LoRa + SigFox.

Secure Element

MiP includes advanced security features such as: secure area hardware isolation, secure boot and a secure element as an option.

World Wide Sub GHz Frequency Bands

The benefits of SubGHz frequency bands include increased range, low interference and low power. Sub-GHz communication also offers distinct advantages in a number of smart grid applications.