Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Obsolescence & Shortages

Obsolescence & Shortages


Winslow provides a wide range of adaptors for ICs, to minimise disruptions in production. Winslow is your trusted source for fast, cost effective obsolescence solutions and supply chain shortages. Adapters are available for any footprint.

Rapid Fixes for Obsolescence

Don’t let PCN’s, Last-Time-Buy Notices, Unplanned Re-Design disrupt your production lines.
A last-time-buy notice requires a forecast for the remaining production and service life of your equipment while unplanned re-design introduces disruption not accounted for in project budgets and departmental hours.

Winslow, industry trusted solutions, utilise an extensive knowledge of electronic hardware/software design and interconnect to ensure a drop-in form, fit & function alternative without the requirement for re-design or full system qualification.

When an ASIC is no longer available, Winslow engineers will migrate the functionality into a FPGA/CPLD and marry that to the original footprint. This proven, cost effective solution, eliminates the need to respin the digital board and can also provide an opportunity for function expansion and system upgrade.

Whatever the component or connector tripping you up, Winslow will propose a solution, keeping your production line operational.

◆ Purchase when you need to, reduce storage and component testing costs

◆ Diminish counterfeit risk

◆ No MOQ, fast delivery, volume production in as little as 4 weeks

◆ DO254 Quality Assurance

◆ Bring the latest component technology to your board

◆ Form, Fit & Function

◆ Minimise legacy engineering

Platforms successfully using Adaptics from Winslow include Civil Aerospace (Flight), Defence (Air & Ground) Rail (Trackside & Brake Systems), Medical (Instruments), Energy (Deep Sea), Telecoms.