Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Partnership Announcement 2J Active

Partnership Announcement 2J Active

Active Components is proud to announce our partnership and collaboration with 2J Antennas. 2J Antennas is a leading Antenna manufacturer headquarter in Slovakia. They are a market leader that delivers innovative technologies for the connected world.

With a focus on Metering, Navigation, IoT, Marine, Telematic, Automation, M2M and other markets, 2Jemploys a customised solution for the development and delivery of every application requirement. With their in-house design, R&D and manufacturing, our customers’ projects will benefit from dedicated engineering teams, rapid prototyping and a step-by-step walkthrough certification process.

This new commercial partnership will help integrate innovative antenna solutions and services into the day-to-day operations of wireless connectivity.

2J Antennas - 5G Revolution is here

As telecommunications companies begin to roll out the parameters for Antenna Systems for 5G networks, 2J Antenna offers high-performance antennas that can handle the increased speed, capacity and bandwidth of a true 5G network for IoT, smart city, smart home, and smart device technologies and services. 2J also offer personalisation service where you can have the antennas tested, customised and even certified for your needs. If you are interested in this service, please contact Active’s account servicing sales team.

RF Cable Assembles

2J Antennas offers a wide range of high-quality cables from thin Microcoax cables to thick low loss and specialized RF Cables as standard and also offers alternatives for any customisation needs.

Mounting Brackets

2J offers screw, magnetic, magnetic / adhesive combination, wall and pole mount bracket options. As an example, connector mount antennas can be used as a magnetic mount, or wall mount with the appropriate bracket.


2J Antennas offers a wide range of standard high-quality connectors that include ultra-small UFL connectors, SMA connectors and any specialized requirements such as waterproof connectors.

Development Boards & Kits

2J's seemingly simple plug and play and compact concept brings fully professional engineering tool to the table. This will assist you in identifying correctly tuned ceramic patch antenna on provided development board in minutes or adjust device PCB layout to achieve antenna performance and frequency precision.