Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Winslow Adaptics Allocation Shortages

Winslow Adaptics Allocation Shortages

Don't let component availability impact your production schedule

Using Winslow Adaptics' trusted and proven Adaptic programme, Winslow's experienced engineers identify a direct, form, fit & function alternative capable of mounting to your target board until the supply of the original component stabilises. 

Taking this route offers a speedy, cost-effective option that won’t jeopardise traceability, production targets will still be met and management pressure minimised.

All we require from you is the affected component's part number and we’ll offer a solution that integrates seamlessly with your manufacturing process. 

Don’t waste time! As soon as you start to see a likely shortage, give us a call for a solution.

◆    Purchase when you need to, reduce inventory and storage costs
◆    Diminish counterfeit risk
◆    No MOQ, fast delivery, volume production in as little as 4 weeks
◆    Form, Fit & Function, ready to use
◆    No NRE if deemed standard