Thursday, June 10, 2021

Your Wireless Solutions - Mipot Wireless Modules

Your Wireless Solutions - Mipot Wireless Modules

Your Wireless Solution - MiP Wireless Modules

Mipot designs andmanufactures RF modules in the ISM bands for different market segments from the industry to the consumer, in Italy and
worldwide. Mipot offers a full range of RF modules developed in accordance with the technical regulations and laws applicable in specific markets.

During the development of the module we solve all the technical issues related to the radio frequency. The quality of our products, along with
the detailed documentation and very qualified and accessible technical support, enables a fast introduction of your products to the market.

RF Wireless Modules

Mipot offers a wide portfolio of transmitter, receiver and transceiver RF modules suitable for all short and long range applications that meet the technical regulations and laws applicable in different regions and market segments: Home Automation, Alarm System, Industrial, Smart Metering, Thermoregulation, Lighting, Ambient assisted living, Renewable Energies. Since the mid ’80s Mipot has sold more than 30 million of RF modules.

Wireless Automation Platform

Mipot Wireless Automation Platform (WAP) is a WiFi-SRD based system. It allows an easy connection between SRD devices and sensors and the Internet.

Mipot WAP is designed for home, business and industrial applications. It creates a bridge between all Security & Home Automation applications based on SRD systems and Internet. It also integrates and controls several applications such as access control, temperature and thermoregulation, lighting, energy management, window blinds and alarm systems through a Smartphone, Tablet and PC.

Mipot WAP system can be installed in new or existing buildings and controlled by your personal devices.

"Mipot WAP, the simple step to the Internet of things".

Main Features:

  • Web Interface, OS independent.
  • Open Source Linux Base system.
  • Dedicated Mipot low-level driver modules built in.
  • Virtually unlimited controllable devices.