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KP-2012QBC-D Blue 0805 2x1.25mm SMT LEDKP-2012QBC-D Blue 0805 2x1.25mm SMT LEDKP-2012QBC-D7/10/2024
KPGB-0607ZGSEEKKC-TT Green/Red 0.65x0.65mm SMD LEDKPGB-0607ZGSEEKKC-TT Green/Red 0.65x0.65mm SMD LEDKPGB-0607ZGSEEKKC-TT20
KPGB-0607VWA1ZGF White/Green 0.65x0.65mm SMD LEDKPGB-0607VWA1ZGF White/Green 0.65x0.65mm SMD LEDKPGB-0607VWA1ZGF20
KPGB-0607VWA1SYKF-TT White/Yel 0.65x0.65mm SMD LEDKPGB-0607VWA1SYKF-TT White/Yel 0.65x0.65mm SMD LEDKPGB-0607VWA1SYKF-TT20
KPGB-0607VWA1SEEKKF-TT White/Red 0.65x0.65mm LEDKPGB-0607VWA1SEEKKF-TT White/Red 0.65x0.65mm LEDKPGB-0607VWA1SEEKKF-TT20
KPGB-0607VBA1ZGC Blue/Green 0.65x0.65mm SMD LEDKPGB-0607VBA1ZGC Blue/Green 0.65x0.65mm SMD LEDKPGB-0607VBA1ZGC20
KPGB-0607VBA1SYKC-TT Blue/Yel 0.65x0.65mm SMD LEDKPGB-0607VBA1SYKC-TT Blue/Yel 0.65x0.65mm SMD LEDKPGB-0607VBA1SYKC-TT20
KPGB-0607VBA1SEEKKC-TT Blue/Red 0.65x0.65mm LEDKPGB-0607VBA1SEEKKC-TT Blue/Red 0.65x0.65mm LEDKPGB-0607VBA1SEEKKC-TT20
KPT-1608QWF-D White HB 0603 1.6x0.8mm SMT LEDKPT-1608QWF-D White HB 0603 1.6x0.8mm SMT LEDKPT-1608QWF-D7/10/2024
KPA-2106SURCK Red 2.1x0.6mm R/A SMT LEDKPA-2106SURCK Red 2.1x0.6mm R/A SMT LEDKPA-2106SURCK16/09/2024

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