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Metal Film

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Wire Link 1mm ZWE-7K/ReelWire Link 1mm ZWE-7K/ReelZWE00000000T7018/09/2024
Wire Link 0.54mm ZWB 10K/ReelWire Link 0.54mm ZWB 10K/ReelZWB00000000TC060,000
0R0 0.25W Zero-Ohm Resistor (Metal Slug)0R0 0.25W Zero-Ohm Resistor (Metal Slug)ZOT0W400000A1011,000
0R0 0.125W Zero-Ohm Resistor (Metal Slug)0R0 0.125W Zero-Ohm Resistor (Metal Slug)ZOT0W800000A107,000
Wire Link 0.45mm ZWA -10K ReelWire Link 0.45mm ZWA -10K ReelZWA00000000TC09/10/2024
Wire Link 0.54mm ZWB-10K Tape & BoxWire Link 0.54mm ZWB-10K Tape & BoxZWB00000000AC09/10/2024
Wire Link 0.75mm ZWD-8K Tape & BoxWire Link 0.75mm ZWD-8K Tape & BoxZWD00000000A806/11/2024
Wire Link 0.70mm ZWC-7K Tape & BoxWire Link 0.70mm ZWC-7K Tape & BoxZWC00000000A706/11/2024
0R0 0.25W Zero-Ohm Resistor (Metal Slug)0R0 0.25W Zero-Ohm Resistor (Metal Slug)ZOT0W400000A505,000
300K 0.125W 1% Metal Film Resistor300K 0.125W 1% Metal Film ResistorMF0W8FF3003A106/11/2024

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