Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Active Names James Mackley Chief Executive Officer

Active Names James Mackley Chief Executive Officer

Active Names James Mackley Chief Executive Officer

We are delighted to announce James Mackley has officially stepped into the role of CEO at Active.

After more than 38 years as the founder and CEO of Active, Rob Mackley has stepped down to the role of Director, with an ambassadorial focus.

In December 2020, a succession planning process was underway when Rob outlined his intention to move away from his day-to-day operations.  To prepare for this shift, James has since stepped up into more of a leadership role at Active.

James has been dedicated to the electronics industry since he joined the company in 2006 as a storeman in the warehouse. Having filled a variety of roles, he knows the company intimately. He is currently based at our Hong Kong office with a focus on expanding our supply and distribution division. James grew up with the business and first worked summer jobs in the warehouse on the cable assembly. He moved to HK to start our Purchasing and Logistics office six years ago as Active’s Purchasing Manager. He got promoted to General Manager (HK) and now Active CEO.

“Active is in the best position it has ever been. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team, investments coming into fruition and a drive to keep improving. I aim to continue the service culture that our customers know and love while further expanding Active’s global reach. I looking forward to my continued work with the team at Active and our valued partners. ”

The changes are effective immediately.